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We are a collection of like-minded locals who want to work together to lead more sustainable lifestyles and share what we learn along the way.We remain optimistic and aim for a fun, friendly and fulfilling place to live.

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  • Happenings in South Hobart
    Sth Hbt Community Garden

    Community garden working bee
    Saturday 13 February 1-3pm at the community garden

    The garden is looking lovely. Happily the working bee coincides with the sixth day of the Chinese New Year for year of the monkey which is apparently an auspicious time for returning to work (in the garden!). We have a few spare plots if you now any locals in need of some growing space.

    Tasks will include planting, weeding, watering, mulching and decorating signs if you wish. We hope to see you all there :)

    South Hobart community bank

    All Saints Twilight Market 
    All Saints Fri 11 Dec 3-7pm (and Sat 12 Dec 9-2pm)

    Imagine a profitable local bank that can help fund cool stuff around South Hobart. Pledging your support is an investment in the community and your imagination is the only limit to the kinds of things we can support. If you are looking for a Christmas gift that keeps on giving, think about buy your special person a future share in the South Hobart Community Bank this Christmas!

    You can get your gift-wrapped pledge present at one of the two upcoming All Saints Christmas Markets.A gift-wrapped pledge form is a promise to buy shares in this local bank that won't invest in coal but will invest in local South Hobart projects. If you've been meaning to make a pledge to the Community Bank, Christmas is the perfect time!

    Sth Hbt Community Garden

    Community garden working bee
    Saturday 12 Dec 1-3pm at the community garden

    The garden is looking lovely. This working bee we'll be harvesting our plump crop of garlic, planting some perennials & summer crops along with weeding the forest garden. We hope to see you all there :)

    Sth Hbt Cookbook

    Growers gathering
    Sunday 13 Dec 5pm for a festive dinner together

    Come and join us, bring any garden things you have excess of that you would like to share. As always, everyone is welcome with or without goodies to swap - the main point is to be together and share all our garden questions, solutions and general combined wisdom. Do bring something to share for a delicious dinner at Clare and Mark's place, 5pm, 12 Paget Street, South Hobart.

    Look forward to seeing you there and then and remember to buy some cookbooks for your Christmas presents! They are available at SLT in Murray Street or at this dinner. 
    Sth Hbt Tip
    Land fill in South Hobart for another 23 years
    Time for community input
    Nearly half a million tonnes of municipal and business waste materials are buried in Tasmania each year. Almost half is compostable materials (like food and garden scraps), around 13% is cardboard/paper and heaven knows how much plastic (a recyclable product) ends up buried too. This is unnecessary, irresponsible and down right devastating. 

    On average 50-60% of resources buried in Tasmanian landfills are non-domestic (commercial and construction) waste but the majority of ratepayers are households. It is not fair for households to subsidise big commercial generators like clubs and pubs, retailers and building companies, as well as all past users.

    Council has just submitted their DPEMP asking for environmental approval to extend the life and height of the South Hobart tip for another 23 years. Public comment is requested. A copy of our submission will be available on our website soon. 

    Also on the subject of waste. Council has agreed to develop a Good Neighbour Agreement with South Hobart. Once again we'll be asking them to help the State Government ministers understand that burying perfectly good recyclables  and compostables and getting households to pay for that folly is not a good solution. 
      Stay in contact

      Make sure you stay in the loop
      This will be the last newsletter for a while

      If you would like to be kept informed about great things happening please subscribe to our Facebook page. The Sustainable Living Tasmania and Environmental Defenders Office newsletters are also fabulous sources of great information.

      Posted 10 Feb 2016, 14:55 by Lissa Villeneuve
    • South Hobart in October

      A load of rubbish

      South Hobart – Don’t Waste Our Future Recommendations
      Zero waste and good neighbour agreement
      We are asking for your feedback on our draft letter to the City of Hobart. Please take the time to read it and provide feedback before 1 October. It's not too late to input:

      Growers gathering
      Sunday 18 October- can we come and visit your garden?

      It's an inspiration and great learning to see how other local gardeners manage their gardens. We meet usually at 3pm and wander around the veggie patch and or the fruit trees. We ask each other questions about growing stuff ~ pruning, seeds, varieties, times for planting and harvesting, and we share our successes and the things that don't work so well.

      It nourishes us and our gardens to have this community of gardeners, this well of local knowledge, and this space to enjoy garden talk.

      We meet once a month on the 3rd Sunday, usually at 3pm till about 5pm. We bring food to share for afternoon tea (often it's memorably delicious!) and we swap and share our extra seedlings, excess harvest, and other things from or for the garden.

      If you have a garden or garden plans or even garden questions, if you can offer a cup of tea for an unpredicatable amount of people, (usually somewhere between 5 and 10), and you want to meet locals, please call or email Cindy 0429 167 480  cindyaulby@iinet.net.au

      We'd love to meet you and your garden!

        Community garden

      Community garden working bee
      Sun Oct 11 1-3pm at the community garden

      Come and play in the garden. Our working bees are open to anyone willing to give an hour or two to help us plant, paint, weed, create and play. This month, as the earth warms up, we will be planting lots of communal veggies. We are also inspired by all the reuse in the garden and encourage anyone with a creative flair to help us jazz up the garden.

      Spring blos

      Make sure you stay in the loop
      This is the last newsletter for a while

      This is the last newsletter for a while, unless anyone feels like taking it on. If you would like to be kept informed about great things happening in South Hobart please subscribe to our Facebook page. The Sustainable Living Tasmania and Environmental Defenders Office newsletters are also fabulous sources of great information.

      Sustainable Living Festival 31 Oct-1 Nov
      A vibrant weekend festival celebrating sustainability

      The Festival is coming closer and it’s time to put some dates in your diary. The program is amazing, really amazing. There are a number of in-depth discussions covering such a large range of topics that everyone will find something that interests them. Some of the best thinkers in Tasmania will look at issues such as Localisation, Sustainable Food and Living Simply and the practical sustainability implications of each. Check out their program.

      polluter pays

      Interesting talk by an OECD representative
      Wed 30 Sept 2015 5:15pm Aurora Lecture Theatre IMAS

      This talk will be about cost effective instruments to address environmental problems. Nils Axel Braathen, Principal Administrator with the OECD will be presenting new evidence on the positive outcomes of environmental taxes and emission trading systems. He will also discuss the costs to society of various instruments used to address climate change. View more about this free event.

      New Council Engagement Hub
      This is worth a look from time to time

      This new hub is a space for you to contribute your ideas and provide feedback on a range of Council projects and activities. At the moment they are asking for community feedback on a range of projects including the Draft Capital City Strategic Plan 2015-2025 (by 9 Oct). It's a great opportunity to remind Council that waste avoidance is important enough to be brought up into the Strategic Planning level as a strategic objective. Have a look.

      Posted an hour ago26 Sep 2015, 20:16 by SHSC Secretary
      Posted 30 Sep 2015, 14:27 by SHSC Secretary
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