April 2012 Newsletter

PLEASE  PLEASE- Last day today to support our bid for a Community Garden in South Hobart

The HCC is seeking community engagement on a piece of council owned land located at 106 Cascade Road South Hobart. This is the grassed area at the top of the Badminton Centre car park. The South Hobart Sustainable Community Group will be providing HCC with a submission stating our interest in the site being used as community garden.

We envisage this space being developed as a community friendly resource that provides the opportunity for individuals, families and community groups to come together and produce their own food in a friendly and relaxed setting.

If you are supportive of a community garden being developed on this site it is most important that you provide feedback to the HCC before March 30th (TODAY) by either emailing hcc@hobartcity.com.au; or completing the Council’s web feedback form. When providing your feedback, please mark your submission “Feedback – 106 Cascade Road, South Hobart”.

If you wish to become involved in community gardening initiatives in South Hobart or have any questions please send an email tocommunitygarden@southhobart.org  and we'll keep you up to date.

Earth Hour Sat 31 March 8:30 - Turn off your power for one hour. 

Every year my family and I sit down in the dark to dinner for Earth Hour.  To get the kids involved we always start an hour earlier and go for the rest of the night with no power.  Once the kids are in bed, we look out over South Hobart at 8:30pm expectantly hoping that everyone will turn off their lights and plunge South Hobart into darkness.  It never happens, but we do see some lights turn off and our wonderful Council always gets on board and some of the lights from the city disappear.   I imagine a day when the view from my window becomes black for one hour, a sign that people care.  I encourage you all to switch off and make the statement that you support change, that it is time for change.  I also encourage you to look at the Earth Hour website and feed from the enthusiasm and optimism from around the world.  The I Will If You Will initiative is particularly inspiring.  Next year we could ask the school to pledge to do something … like the kids and school community will make a map of the world on the oval (using people) … if 1000 people pledge to clean their cars with river friendly cleaners, or clean up their dog poo, or say no to shopping bags.  I’m sure the kids could come up with something pretty cool if we asked them. 

South Hobart movie night - heads up

We are in the process of organizing a monthly movie night. It will be on the last Friday of each month and will be an opportunity for people to show movies that they think the community may be interested in.  We have booked the Blue Cascade Cohousing common room for Fri 27th April and will be showing something interesting.  More information will come closer to the date.  If you are interested in showing a movie please contact us through the SHSC website.

Introduction to permaculture 2 day course

Sat 31st March and Sun 1st of April, Source Community Garden, Sandy Bay.

Here’s a golden opportunity to learn something new – just down the road.  This hands-on 2 day course will teach the basic principles of permaculture design that can help you lead a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Topics include garden and farm design, understanding microclimates, composting, organic food production and permaculture ethics. Cost is $150, concession available.  See here for more information

Growers gathering

3pm Sun 15th April Anglesea/Macquarie Street.

These gatherings are for our local community, to see how others do it, to enrich our confidence, to grow stuff to eat! It's fun and heartful and good!  Please bring a delicious delight to share for afternoon tea. Also as always you are the most important contribution! Please bring your garden enthusiasm, your questions and your wisdom to share. And if you do have extra plants, seeds, seedlings, garden produce and or miscellaneous things to swap and/or give away, please bring them too. If you are  interested please go to our website for more information and to subscribe to the growers gathering email. 

Living Local Feast

An inspiring evening and fundraising dinner for Sustainable Living Tasmania.  Join us for a fabulous evening celebration of Tasmanian food from 6pm on Saturday 28 April.  A three course meal consisting entirely of locally sourced ingredients, entertainment and an auction of gourmet Tassie treats.

Sustainable Living Tasmania in a not-for-profit organisation, which has been working throughout Tasmania for 40 years. Our vision is for Tasmania to become a place the rest of the world looks to for inspiration on living happy, healthy and sustainable lives.

On 28 April, we will be cooking up a glorious feast, showcasing the amazing produce that Tassie has to offer and our bar will be stocked with some of Tasmania’s finest beer, wine and non-alcoholic brews.

Venue: Siren’s Restaurant, 6 Victoria Street, Hobart.

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Cost: $45 Full price, $25 Concession (with $10 off if you bring an entrée to contribute)

Tickets can be booked online at http://livinglocalfeast.eventbrite.com , cash or cheque to Sustainable Living Tasmania (1/71 Murray Street, Hobart) or by phone  6234 5566.

Want to contribute?  We are looking for Tasmanian artists and producers to contribute items for our auction and we need volunteers to help in the kitchen and waiting tables. Please contact lissa@slt.org.au if you can assist!  We also need tamarillo’s if anyone has any please contact Lissa. 

Cascade Cohousing Open Day

Cascade Cohousing, 12 Saunders Crescent, South Hobart is having an Open Day on Sunday 15 April, from 1pm to 3pm. Further details are available from this open public Facebook page:

TreadLightly EnviroFest -  Live life with a small footprint 
22 Apr 2012, 10:00am - 4:00pm Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
The aim of TreadLightly EnviroFest remains the same: to build a strong ‘whole of community’ focus on sustainable living within the community and industry. Treadlightly has a message to promote, one of encouraging people to live more sustainably as individuals, making more sustainable choices in what they buy and consume. The event is managed by a team from the Gardens and the EPA.


The Bushadventures autumn calendar is out now with wonderful activities in our beautiful suburb. Look at their webpage for more information, and print out their pretty calendar of events.

Garden skills programs

The Botanical Gardens are once again running its garden skills programs – cost effective gardening for the home, community or farm. Hands on learning with professional experts.  $15 per person, per session. Bookings are essential, so please confirm your place. Ph 6236 3050. See here for a list of the activities

Art From Trash

This is a fun yet thought provoking annual event that invites visual artworks, including wearable art, created by reusing discarded materials. The Art From Trash art exhibition is open to all ages and presents an opportunity for first time, emerging and established artists to exhibit their work that comments on the urgent need for resource recovery and to minimise the inappropriate disposal of materials and resources. A number of awards will be presented. Artworks to be delivered to the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre on Wednesday 2nd May and the exhibition begins on the 5th May.  For further information, entry forms and inspiration visit the Art From Trash website www.artfromtrash.org.  The event is hosted by Resource Work Co-operative.