December 2011 Newsletter

Events in South Hobart

Growers gathering

Our December gathering is on Sunday 18 December at 6pm (for dinner) at Lissa's house, 2a Smithurst Ave. As always, everyone is welcome. Bring something to share for dinner, and whatever you have to share from your garden - seedlings, excess produce, etc. Please feel welcome even if you have nothing to bring! You are the main thing :) The gatherings are for a very enjoyable and relaxed community who love to share garden questions, inspiration and food!  Also, we want to produce a recipe book of all the great recipes that we've tasted at the gatherings over time. Please send recipes to Cindy, and let her know if you have fond tasting memories of something and would like the recipe - she'll find out who made it!

Summer Bush Adventures

There are a number of Bush Adventures activities being held at the Waterworks and on Mount Wellington as part of the summer program.  Kids, adults and families will love these nature adventures with glimpses into the lives of all sorts of flora and fauna.  Remember to book early.  View more.  

Other sustainability events

Community forum - Accelerating the shift to fairer futures by building a movement of inspired leaders

1 Dec, 1pm - 3pm, free entry.  University of Tasmania Sandy Bay Campus. An opportunity for government, local business, parents, teachers, principals and families to engage with the young people of Hobart and the surrounding Region. Come and be inspired!  View more.  

Green communities for Tasmania

1 Dec 2011.2-5pm, 1/19a Hunter Street Hobart.  Speakers at this event, Adam Beck, Brian Risby Daniel Khong, will cover Green Communities Across Australia: A New Era; Planning For Sustainable Communities - From Macro to Micro (and everything in between); and Urban Development Partnerships - Can We Learn from the US.  View more.

Weekend workshop - Shifting gears, making transition happen

2 - 4 Dec Parsons Bay Retreat in Nubeena.  All are welcome.  This weekend workshop is for those interested in growing sustainable communities. It will provide an opportunity to build on local initiatives and engage at a deeper level, finding ways to collaborate with other groups or developing purposeful actions such as designing an Energy Decent Action Plan for your community. The cost is $100 per person - includes shared accommodation and meals from Friday night to Sunday afternoon tea. See more.  The final agenda can be found here.  It is not too late to register!

Wellington Park Management Plan review 

As you might have heard on the radio, the Issues Paper in relation to the Wellington Park Management Plan review has gone out for public comment. The issues paper is available here. You can fill in the response form and rank what you think of the suggested directions and add whatever other comments you wish to make.  Closing date for comments is  Dec 9th.

Other information

Going organic
A few weeks ago I heard an article on Edge Radio about pesticide-use in Tasmania and was inspired to find out more about the pesticides used on the food i eat. I found an interesting report by the National Toxics Network and WWF-Australia. They released a list of Australia’s Most Dangerous Pesticides, more than 80 of which are prohibited overseas because of the risks they pose to human health and the environment. The list includes 17 chemicals that are known, likely or probable carcinogens, and 48 chemicals flagged as having the potential to interfere with hormones. More than 20 have been classified as either extremely or highly hazardous by the World Health Organisation yet remain available for use on Australian farms. I did a little research on some of the chemicals listed in the report and made a few phone calls and appointments to try to find out how I could know and understand more about the pesticides that were used on the food i eat.  My findings - we lay our trust in the National body that registers the chemicals (to undertake good research on each product they register), the growers (to follow the label dosage/timing instructions and to spray appropriately) and the supermarkets (to undertake testing for quality assurance). After my research i felt a little bamboozled, overwhelmed and determined to support organic production, so I called Source and will now get a weekly box of organic fruit and veg. See more about the Source veggie box scheme. Plus I grow some of my own and have made a South Hobart Sowing Calendar to make that job simpler for myself and others.  Please email if you would like me to email you a copy of the calendar (A3 double sided pdf).  

Community grants programs for action on climate change now accepting applications
Do you have any ideas to help your community work together to find and implement local solutions to the challenges of climate change? The Earn Your Stars Microgrants Program is now open. Grants of up to $5000 can be sought through this program, which will continue to focus on mitigation by supporting communities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and conserve energy. The funding round closes on 2 December 2011. More details, including the guidelines and application forms, can be found here.

Garden mates wanted
The Still Gardening Program connects volunteer ‘Garden Mates’ with older gardeners who live independently and still garden, but love a little bit of help and company. The program has been running successfully for 4 years now and is a great way for older people to keep up with their gardens while enjoying physical activity in the sunshine with good company.  If you have an hour here and there to spend with an older person in your community, contact us on 6236 9349 or

Bits and pieces to give away

National foods (The Pura milk factory, Lenah Valley) have an ongoing supply of useful bits up for grabs:

Ø      Clean, flattened cardboard boxes.

Ø      Clean, large plastic bags (garbage bin and wheelie bin sized) a skip-bin of these are taken to the tip EVERY week.

Ø      Clean, new, unassembled milk cartons ideal for seedling propagation/planting or protection

Ø      Clean, new, plastic milk bottle tops (approx 1300 per box) in assorted colours ideal for maths as counters or for craft projects.

Call Keith Angell at National foods on 0406 587 997 to arrange collection. Remember these resources are available on an ongoing basis so you may never have to buy garbage bags again