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to challenge a treeless, dangerous subdivision on Strickland Avenue

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26 June 2009. A message from concerned residents

Despite receiving 26 written objections from concerned neighbourhood residents, Hobart City Council is paving the way for an 18 lot subdivision at 123a Strickland Avenue. If this is not appealed, then:

* most of the existing bush will be cleared from this land to be replaced by houses, and 

* Strickland Avenue – already dangerous – will get rapidly more so, with a dangerous intersection adding up to two hundred extra car passes every day. 

We are a group of local residents who want to appeal the current conditions of the subdivision and get a better outcome for our suburb.

We lodged an appeal by the Friday 26 June deadline but need your help to fund the technical experts needed for the process. Read more...

Our progress so far (in blue):