Why we are appealing

22 June 2009. Despite receiving 26 written objections from concerned neighbourhood residents, Hobart City Council is paving the way for an 18 lot subdivision at 123a Strickland Avenue. If this is not appealed, then:

* most of the existing bush will be cleared from this land to be replaced by houses, and 

* Strickland Avenue – already dangerous – will get rapidly more so, with a dangerous intersection adding up to two hundred extra car passes every day.

Taking into account the size of modern houses and the steep shady nature of much of the land we reckon that without specific protection the majority of the existing bushland will be history. But bushland is important to the character of our neighborhood – a point confirmed in Council’s planning scheme which describes its desired future characters as "a low density residential area set in bushland". Independent planning advice indicates that Council did not consider this sufficiently in approving the development.

The intersection with Strickland Avenue is going to be dangerous. This was confirmed in an assessment by an independent traffic engineer who said compliance with national safety standards is going to be nearly impossible.

Following the council’s approval of the development, a group of us have sought legal and expert advice. Their conclusion is that we have strong grounds to successfully mount an appeal focusing on bushland character and road safety.

We can only do this with your urgent help.

We need to raise about $5,000 to mount an appeal and pay the fees and for the technical experts needed to give us a strong chance of succeeding. While this is too expensive for an individual, it is much more affordable if local residents join in and provide whatever support they can afford. You can help by:

1. Donating $200, $100 or even $50 to our fighting fund clearly marked with your name to BSB:807 009 Account: 60073857 MyState Financial (member number 170962). This is a special purpose "Strickland Appeal' account held by the Cascade Cohousing Body Corporate.

2. Registering your details and support information on the form here or email your payment details to strickland {at} southhobart.org

For more information, you can call after hours on 6223 4656 (Gary) or 6223 2674 (Mel) at Cascade Cohousing.

Google map of 123a Strickland Ave as it currently exists – a pleasant block of land about a third covered in bush. (This map is interactive).

The surveyors plan of the proposed subdivision, road and bridge.