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SHSC Organisational Structure

From the initial meetings of the South Hobart Sustainable Community a number of active subgroups have been generated. The need to tie these groups together under the overarching organisation of SHSC has become apparent. So a "SHSC Facilitator" group has been established.
The SHSC Facilitator group wants to ensure its role is minimal and roles are all aimed at facilitating and supporting the active subgroups. This group has 3 office bearers (Communications Coordinator, Financial Officer and Public Officer/Secretary), a representative of each of the subgroups and up to 4 other interested members.
The Facilitator group has applied for the SHSC organisation to become incorporated and has written the rules of the organisation.  We have tried to simplify and streamline wherever possible.  Membership of the overall group is based on our email list.  If you would like to be a member of the South Hobart Sustainable Community, please add your name into the google group box on our homepage.  If you would like to cease being a member please unsubscribe from the group.
If you are interested in contributing to the SHSC Facilitator group please contact Lissa Villeneuve secretary@southhobart.org
SHSC Secretary,
2 Oct 2009, 13:23