Autumn overview

posted 31 May 2014, 06:48 by SHSC Secretary   [ updated 31 May 2014, 07:10 ]
Thank you to all our active members, Autumn has seen some great activity in South Hobart, including an amazing lantern parade, the release of the results of the Health of the Hobart Rivulet project, a commendable effort on getting the community garden up and running and also a South Hobart cookbook.

Lantern parade - 
We held a wonderful event recently involving hundreds of lanterns and a string of South Hobartians stretching a kilometer along the rivulet. Our celebration of the end of autumn and the beginning of winter with lanterns and songs by Sarah Jayne Moore was spectacular. Thanks to our mover and shaker extraordinaire, Deb Terry, for pulling this event together. This was our first run, and we were surprised by just how many people were keen to be out in the night time with their lanterns and families. We look forward to another one in a year… next time with more music and wind-proof jack-o-lanterns and candles.

Health of the Hobart Rivulet - after much sampling and discovery on the part of Deb Terry and her team of merry South Hobart Rivulet enthusiasts, the Health of the Hobart Rivulet results are now available. In short, the rivulet is in good health above the Cascade Brewery, but access to the water way below should be limited due to health concerns. View more.

Community garden update - we've been working hard on development plans, shed building, roles and responsibilities, site safety and a possible new grant for an irrigation system. Working bees and meetings are open to all garden members and will be advertised through the SHSC newsletters and the garden email list. If you are planning to join the garden, or are already a member, it is important that you talk to Nathan or Reuben at a working bee to get inducted (i.e. get to know how to work safely in the garden). We will soon have a site safety document available on the website that all members will need to make themselves familiar with. New members always welcome - we want the garden to continue to be an enjoyable and community-building space.

South Hobart cookbook - We are in the process of gathering recipes for our local cookbook, focusing primarily on using the ingredients that we grow easily in our area. This cookbook is the where to when you throw your hands in the air with 'What do I do will all these zucchinis?!' or tomatoes/apples/pears/potatoes ... we want recipes for all the food you eat that grows locally. Please send us the recipes you use, and we'd love photos of the prepared dish, or of the ingredients growing or waiting artfully on the bench.