Celebrate Tassie's bounty with a Tassievore event (or 10)!

posted 7 Jan 2013, 02:18 by SHSC Secretary   [ updated 7 Jan 2013, 02:18 ]
The Tassievore Eat Local Challenge is a 6 month adventure in eating locally, aimed at supporting our growers and local businesses. Coordinated by Sustainable Living Tasmania, we have organised a selection of: re-skilling workshops (to help you maximise your Tassievore experience); farm visits (to meet the people growing our food and see how they do it); and cooking demonstrations (to inspire you with Tassievore eating).   Below are our January events to give you a little taste of what's on offer:

Wednesday 16th – Pizza Party @ Source Community Wholefoods Cooperative, Sandy Bay
Sustainable food from the Source. Source offers the whole seed to plate experience on a small plot of land in urban Sandy Bay!  Come check out the vibrant communal permaculture garden, do some late night shopping and get into the pizza making and wood-fired oven baking action!  $15 pre-registration for all-you-can-eat organic pizza or just turn up on the night and pay per slice. Ambience free. tassievorepizzaparty.eventbrite.com
Sunday 20th – Farm Tour to Stonecrest Cherry Orchard, Sorell
Mick & Jenny will take us on a tour of their 7 hectare cherry orchard and then let us loose to pick the remnants of the summer harvest.  We might even get to sample some unique cherry creations, cooked up to ensure that they can enjoy cherries all year round.  Cost: $5 per person/ or $20pp inc. transport from Hobart. tassievorecherrypicking.eventbrite.com
Tuesday, 22nd – Agrarian Kitchen Tour
Join us on a guided tour of the Agrarian Kitchen Gardens and Farm Animals, led by chef, Rodney Dunn and Severine Demanet. The Agrarian Kitchen is a sustainable farm-based cooking school situated in a 19th century schoolhouse at Lachlan, incorporating an extensive vegetable garden, orchard, berry patch and herb garden, all grown using organic principles. Also in residence are Wessex saddleback pigs, Barnevelder chickens, two British Alpine goats and a flock of geese. Cost: $10 or $25 transport from Hobart. tassievoreagrariantour.eventbrite.com

Please go to the events page on the Tassievore website for more info and to register (taseatlocal.wordpress.com/tassievore-events/).