Earth Hour Sat 31 March 8:30 - Turn off your power for one hour.

posted 1 Apr 2012, 13:05 by SHSC Secretary   [ updated 1 Apr 2012, 13:05 ]

Every year my family and I sit down in the dark to dinner for Earth Hour.  To get the kids involved we always start an hour earlier and go for the rest of the night with no power.  Once the kids are in bed, we look out over South Hobart at 8:30pm expectantly hoping that everyone will turn off their lights and plunge South Hobart into darkness.  It never happens, but we do see some lights turn off and our wonderful Council always gets on board and some of the lights from the city disappear.   I imagine a day when the view from my window becomes black for one hour, a sign that people care.  I encourage you all to switch off and make the statement that you support change, that it is time for change.  I also encourage you to look at the Earth Hour website and feed from the enthusiasm and optimism from around the world.  The I Will If You Will initiative is particularly inspiring.  Next year we could ask the school to pledge to do something … like the kids and school community will make a map of the world on the oval (using people) … if 1000 people pledge to clean their cars with river friendly cleaners, or clean up their dog poo, or say no to shopping bags.  I’m sure the kids could come up with something pretty cool if we asked them.