July in South Hobart

posted 7 Jul 2015, 13:04 by SHSC Secretary   [ updated 9 Jul 2015, 04:06 ]
Community garden working bee
This Sat 11th July, 1 - 3pm
Community garden (off the badminton court car park)

There are seeds to sow, strawberries to plant (not in overhead gutters with drips installed... although that's a great idea), compost to be moved, weeds to be pulled... a little task for everyone. We may also oil our new shed. Bring your favourite garden tool and raincoat.

We are in the thick of winter, but we plan to have a very busy bee. We need to get the garden ready and beautiful for the Science Week activity we are hosting in the garden next month. All help appreciated. 
peas Growers group
Sunday 19th July, 3pm for afternoon tea
6 Hean Street South Hobart

We celebrated the Winter Solstice abundantly with our June Growers Gathering, as always! And we visited a local garden, followed by a fine feast which miraculously came together from everyone's winter fare contributions! Delicious food and warm company by the fire - we have a wonderful community!

Come and join us at Alison's redesigned garden. Bring something to share for afternoon tea, and only if you have it, bring anything from the garden or for the garden that you have to share or swap. You are the most important contribution, so excess garden fare is not expected or compulsory!

Our August gathering will be a great time to get together with pots and soil and seeds to begin the plants for spring - who will host us? If you can host us on the forth Sunday in August please email Cindy at cindyaulby@iinet.net.au or phone 6224 3211.

Composting - garden magic - National Science Week Activity
Sat Aug 22 at 1 PM
South Hobart Community Garden

Join organic gardening guru, David Stephen to explore the exciting world of household composting through this practical, hands-on workshop. David has been enriching the soils around Hobart with his magic compost for decades and is keen to share his secrets. We will learn about four different methods of composting to make an invaluable soil improver and explore the science behind soil health and adding organic materials for plant health and vigour.

This session will be run at the South Hobart Community Garden, which is located on Cascade Road at the top of the carpark opposite the Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association. Walk-ins are welcome. Cost - $5.
Waste High

Would you love to see a waste-less world?

As mentioned in the last newsletter, Council is planning to increase the height of the tip and the life of the site. From our SHSC water quality and biological sampling project in 2013, we know that there is a marked decrease in the river health immediately below the tip outflow and people are advised not to touch the water. With all due respect to the impressive efforts of the Council in managing waste, we believe we can do even better and avoid putting most wastes in the ground. When public input is requested we will recommend that with courage, determination and big hearts they implement some changes within the City of Hobart. We would love to hear your ideas about ways our community could mange wastes better. If you have any fantastic or zany ideas please email us (secretary@southhobart.org.au) and we'll compile a list to put forward. Feel free to see our list so far (it includes ideas for tackling wastes in schools, businesses, government offices, events and homes).
Dance Freedom A Dancing Freedom weekend workshop - Embodied Alchemy
August 7th- 9th, South Hobart

In this workshop the unique, dynamic and interdependent qualities of each of the elements (earth, air, fire and water) will be explored through ecstatic dance, authentic movement, ritual and group work. Your hosts, Lydia and Richard welcome you to come and explore the power of dance and embodiment for healing and empowerment.

For more information (including listening to their play lists), or to book a place visit www.dancingseeds.com, or contact Abby Rae (local contact) – abbyrae@rocketmail.com.

Macquarie Street - Black Spot Programme and Local Retail Precinct Plan

The South Hobart Sustainable Community, along with other community organisations, such as South Hobart Progress Association, will shortly be submitting applications to the Australian Government’s Black Spot Programme to address the ~160m section of Macquarie St between Southern Outlet to Elboden Street.

Hobart City Council have also appointed a consultant - Mr Cagney - to prepare a Local Retail Precinct Plan for the South Hobart portion of Macquarie Street. Community consultation will take place over the coming months, with a report to be provided to Council by December 2015.

Cascade Strategic Land Review - update

The planning consultants - Inspiring Place - have now completed the initial community engagement program, and received around 30 written submissions.

Inspiring Place is now working on a draft strategy outlining their recommendations for future management of the estate. This draft strategy is planned be submitted to both Cascade and the Hobart City Council for endorsement in Aug 2015. Depending upon the outcomes of this review process, public exhibition is planned for Sept 2015.

In the meantime, if you have any further enquiries regarding the project, please visitwww.hobartcity.com.au/cascadeland