Notice re 2018-19 SHSC AGM and launch of two exciting new initiatives: "Divest the Suburbs" and Electric Vehicle Bulk Buy

posted 8 Nov 2019, 17:27 by Garth Coghlan
On behalf of the South Hobart Sustainable Community (SHSC) I invite you to our Annual General Meeting, starting at 7pm at South Hobart Primary School Hall on Wednesday 20 November 2019

We welcome nominations for office bearers and committee members. Please refer to the attached summary of roles and if you are interested please fill out and submit a nomination form to by Sun 17 Nov 2019.

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It can be easy to assume that we have little power to impact the fossil fuel industry. South Hobart Sustainable Community (SHSC) has two exciting initiatives for the coming months that will help you do just that.

Immediately following the AGM, Millie Rooney will outline the "Divest the Suburbs" campaign and how you can help the transition from fossil fuels to a renewable economy. Then Anton Vikstrom from Good Car Company will launch the Electric Vehicle Bulk Buy - and provide an overview of the vehicles being offered and the terms of the bulk buy.

Please note that a more in-depth Information Session for the Electric Vehicle Bulk Buy that will involve detailed question and answer time will be held at same location on Wed 4 December.

Garth Coghlan,
8 Nov 2019, 17:27