October and November in South Hobart

posted 4 Sep 2014, 01:41 by SHSC Secretary   [ updated 4 Sep 2014, 14:13 ]

Sunday 5 Oct 1-5pm, Philip Smith Centre, 2 Edward St, Glebe, Hobart

Meet up with other Tasmanians who care about a safe climate future, and find out how you can take effective action on climate change - action that governments are powerless to stop.  Learn from and share with local and national experts, including Al Gore trained presenters, how you can:

- Undermine the fossil fuel industry, one bank account and one super scheme at a time

- Be your own energy powerhouse, independent or in community

- Take control of your food - and live healthier

- Change your local community

- Change the political system

Entry is free, donations welcome. Afternoon tea provided. To register to attend, email climateactionhobart@gmail.com.

Gardening workshops  

Introduction to Permaculture Oct 22-23, Hobart - Two days of deep permaculture learning to get you on your way to living and designing the life you've always wanted.

Real Skills for Growing Food Nov 22-23, Hobart - A hands-on weekend where students learn all about composting, propagating, edible forest gardens, growing vegetables and more! To book your place and for more information visit www.goodlifepermaculture.com.au or 0418 307 294 

 Australian Association for Environmental Education Conference, Nov 2- 5 Hobart based national conference

This conference is for all those interested in education and the environment and the interface between technology and future environmental directions. The Conference theme is Sustainability: Smart strategies for the 21st Century. Key note speakers include the internationally acclaimed environmental educator and thinker - Prof David Orr and Paul Gilding author of The Great Disruption. The conference program and more information is available on www.aaee2014.com.au