Tasmania Energy Saving website

posted 22 Feb 2012, 20:27 by Garth Coghlan   [ updated 22 Feb 2012, 20:27 by SHSC Secretary ]


We would like to draw your attention to a website recently published, dedicated to introducing products and materials required to make important energy savings around the home. The website focuses on DIY projects and explains each project including background information and links to other resources. Materials, products and services required for projects are detailed including online and local suppliers. Upgrades and actions are organized by topic (insulation, hot water cylinder improvements, lighting, draughts, windows, controlling standby energy and energy meters and miscellaneous products. 

So take a look and see what else you could be doing to save energy :) 

The project has been funded by the Waterworks Valley Community Climate Connect Grant, looking at what prevents people making changes that result in a lower carbon lifestyle.