Thing & Co. - West Hobart

posted 24 May 2010, 20:19 by Garth Coghlan   [ updated 24 May 2010, 20:22 by SHSC Secretary ]
A randomly-organised community event is taking place in West Hobart on Sun 30 May.  If you are on Facebook, look here:
Failing that, here is the info:
Hello there!

You are invited to

Thing & Co. - - it's a craft-market, skill-sharing, tea-drinking, scone-eating, game-playing , music-making, hanging-out, neighborhood kind of thing...

and it will take place on Sunday 30th May, from 10am-3pm....
in the driveway and front yard of 71 Hill St West Hobart

Woop woop woop!!

We would love if you came along and were involved somehow any kind of capacity..

you could:

* pop by and say hello
* have a stall of your wares
* bring some food to share
*come along and eat the food that's there
*make tea
*spill tea
*show some interested folk how to do something (crafty or otherwise)
*play some music
*do some chalk drawings on the pavement
*just loiter around
*meet someone new
*form a squadron of superheroes and save the day
*say hello to my guinea pig captain
*bring your own guinea pig
* challenge captain to a race
*trade things
*make things
*thing things
*exhibit your entry in the west hobart neighborhood colouring in competition (the colouring in page will be distributed soon to west hobart houses - but if you don't live in that area you want a copy i woud love for you to enter too - the prizes are phenomenal!)
* compile and bring along a killer mix tape/cd to trade with someone else
*bring any kind of produce from the garden or preserve you have made to trade for something else...

please share any ideas you have on how to make this day amazing, and any way that you would like to contribute...

p.s. Thing & Co is brought to you by the West Hobart Cavy Council (rumble strutting since 2010)