Toxic towns and the ambiguities of knowledge seminar

posted 11 May 2012, 23:40 by SHSC Secretary   [ updated 11 May 2012, 23:40 ]

Given that we live in a suburb with two substantial landfill sites (one closed, one still open), a number of Industrial activities and a number of historic industrial activity sites, South Hobartians may be interested in this seminar.

Toxic towns are residential areas - small villages, rural towns or suburbs of larger cities - that are located near contaminated physical sites (such as polluted waterways or hazardous landfill) and/or affected by contaminated soil or polluted air and water that enter into their specific geographical locations. This seminar asks the questions; how do we come to know what we know about toxic towns and how can we best act upon this knowledge, particularly if this knowledge is partial, skewed and/or distorted? The latter tendencies pose major, although not insurmountable, challenges to the production of necessary and sufficient knowledge in assessing toxic towns. The seminar explores how and why this is the case.

Speaker: Prof. Rob White, School of Sociology and Social Work, UTAS
Date: Friday, 18 May 2012
Time: 2.30pm
Venue: Room 319, Social Sciences Building, Hobart campus

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