Why light rail is the perfect fit: Public Information Session

posted 25 Jun 2013, 03:30 by SHSC Secretary   [ updated 25 Jun 2013, 03:30 ]
In the wake recent developments regarding Hobart light rail, Nick McKim is hosting a public meeting to inform the public of it's progress and why its the ideal fit for Hobart. As I'm sure you're aware, this project has significant benefits for active communities and the environment.

When: Sunday 30th June, 3-4pm
Where: New Town High School, 
6 Midwood St, Newtown

Light rail is experiencing a world-wide renaissance. It’s ability to adapt to the landscape of contemporary cities, and move substantial amounts of people quickly and reliably from A to B, make it a key player in developing viable and sustainable cities to live, work and visit. Equally it is becoming the solution to many of 21stCentury’s urban challenges, including traffic congestion, increasing transport costs and climate change. Unsurprisingly, cities both small and large are taking notice and investing in light rail. Now it’s Hobart’s turn.

The termination of freight activities along the Hobart rail corridor provides the opportunity to reintroduce modern passenger rail transit and reshape public transport services in Southern Tasmania. The utilisation of the existing corridor make this the most affordable light rail project in Australia and it is consequently being put at the forefront of transport planning in Hobart.

Project development over the past months has substantially moved Hobart light rail from vision to actuality including the establishment of the Light Rail Task Force (consisting of Minister for Sustainable Transport Nick McKim, Minister for Community Development Cassy O’Connor, Hobart Lord Mayor Damon Thomas, Glenorchy Mayor Stuart Slade and Chair of the Tasmanian Planning Commission Greg Alomes). 

 Also helping to keep the momentum going have been the 2 Light Rail Roundtables organised this year by Bob Brown and Anna Reynolds. The consultancy work by Tim Crane and James McIntosh has injected fresh new thinking on the value of public transport infrastructure. It’s positive to see the discussion has moved from an if to a how: How far should we go? Where should the stations lie? These are all giant strides forward for securing funding and making this project a reality.

This Sunday, Minister for Sustainable Transport Nick McKim and Greens Candidate for Denison Anna Reynolds will host a public meeting discussing the project’s progress, what light rail means for Hobartians and why it’s the perfect fit for Hobart.

Come along to find out more, share your ideas, ask questions and register your interest for this exciting state-of-the-art project.