Winter Water forum- Adopt a waterway Tuesday 21st August from 7:30pm

posted 25 Jul 2012, 22:31 by SHSC Secretary   [ updated 9 Aug 2012, 04:00 ]

The SHSC has recently been awarded an NRM South Grant and a Commonwealth Community Action Grant for the Adopt-A-Waterway Hobart Rivulet project. The aims of SHSC for the South Hobart Rivulet are to provide a vehicle for community engagement in preserving and enhancing the ecological values of the Rivulet and its environs.  A series of four seasonal community forums will be held to facilitate the programme with the first being held at the South Hobart Primary School Hall on Tuesday 21st August from 7:30pm.  Parents, friends and the South Hobart community are encouraged to come along and be part of this exciting community project and share ideas. This forum will include 3 keynote speakers:

  • Jill Hickie, Senior Park Planner from Hobart City Council will provide an outline of the Council’s Hobart Rivulet Park Strategic Master Plan 2011 and the programming of its implementation in the next few years;
  • Ursula Taylor, Derwent Estuary Program will describe how the rivulet influences the bigger picture of the health of the Derwent Estuary; and 
  • Darren Carlson, HCC’s Stormwater & Waterway Engineer will outline Stormwater Strategy - Catchment Management and Water Quality.

More information about the South Hobart Rivulet Adopt a Waterway programme can be viewed here.