Food Growing

We love food growing and many of our activities revolve around the garden. 

Growers gathering
Each month we hold a growers gathering to get to know others in our community with similar interests (i.e. growing food). We visit someone's home, tour the garden, share seeds, seedlings, cuttings, excess produce, delicious food and garden wisdom. Gatherings are advertised in our Monthly newsletter (join on our home page).

 If you are keen to have a plot or be involved in communal plantings, do find out more and get involved. It will be a wonderful way for us all to learn, share and build community.

This sowing guide has been put together to make the lives of South Hobart gardeners a bit easier! It considers plot rotation and companion planting. Feel free to suggest new wisdom to our sowing guide.

Other gardening wonders
We also have several other ideas and projects currently in various stages of development, including a local labelling campaign, tool/skill sharing, working bees, creating a map of underutilised fruit/nut trees, and a living locally challenge

Please add your email address to the box below to receive invitations and updates about our activities. 


Special Deal on Rainwater Tanks with TankTec

With all the talk about whether to meter water or not, your thoughts may be turning to using the water that falls on your home before it continues on its way down the storm water system. Local Tasmanian business TankTec are offering SHSC community members a 10% discount on the purchase price of their rain tanks. TankTec is based in Electrona and manufacture their tanks. They are very friendly and several of our members have reported they received excellent service. To take advantage of this offer, contact TankTec and mention you are a member of South Hobart Sustainable Community.

Still Gardening

Still Gardening is a non-profit community project based in Hobart which assist older people and their carers to keep-on-gardening.  If you would like to help an older person in the garden, or contribute in any other way, sign up as a volunteer. 

Land Sharing

Do you have excess land that is just too much to manage?  Perhaps you haven't the time or energy to maintain all your vegie beds anymore.  Or maybe you are a renter with a piddly south-facing backyard and would dearly love somewhere to expend your gardening energyIf so, sign up to Landshare Australia and connect with others in the neighbourhood.  There could be someone just around the corner who can help out!  Also sign up if you have skills or expertise you would be happy to share.  New gardeners love a hand!

Buy Local Labelling Campaign
A working group is developing a project to highlight the benefits (environmentally and economically) of buying local products from local suppliers in South Hobart.  If you are interested in being part of this group, please email or call 0403222405.

Contact Cindy 6223 4118 if you have any questions or enter your email address in the box at the top of the page if you want to be added to our subgroup email list or would like more info. Hope to see you there!