About Us

We are residents of South Hobart who work in the community to promote sustainability and strengthen community spirit.

We recognize that transitioning to a sustainable way of life is one of the key challenges of the 21st century.

We want to work together and share what we learn along the way.

We feel that the most effective change at the moment can happen at the community level, and that the future will bring greater reliance on local resources and local people.

We embrace appropriate technology to communicate, power our homes, live well and grow our food. 

We treat South Hobart as an experimental model of sustainability and excite friends and family to roll up their sleeves and help out. 

We aim to reconnect with each other to strengthen South Hobart community spirit. 

We learn from community groups with similar aims.

We are an incorporated body and have a facilitator group that meets regularly to discuss existing and new projects. Beyond that, we are anyone and everyone who wants to undertake an activity in South Hobart to build community spirit and encourage sustainability. 


Governance of South Hobart Sustainable Community

SHSC Governance Roles summary (2021).pdf

South Hobart Sustainable Community Constitution and Rules

SHSC Constitution (using Association-Model-Rules-2017-1) - Endorsed Sept 2022.pdf

Nomination form: Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members, please return by Thurs 28 Sept 2023

SHSC Nomination Form (2023-24)_Office Bearers and Committee Members.docx.docx