What's on

Our community garden

The South Hobart community garden is at 106 Cascade Road (at the top of the carpark opposite the Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association); everyone is welcome. We hold a monthly working bee, typically on the second Saturday of the month, from 2-4pm (except where it falls on a long weekend, then it falls on the third Saturday). View more about our community garden.

Growers gatherings

South Hobart Food Growers Group

A monthly garden gathering of food growers, who share knowledge, skills, seeds/seedlings/cuttings, excess produce, laughter and delicious food. No experience necessary, arrangements vary to comply with Covid restrictions and members’ concerns. If you would like to be included on our group email list please contact Alison or Clare: alicen@internode.on.net or drclareroberts@gmail.com

Working groups

As an outcome from the 2030 Community Vision meeting, a number of working groups have formed.

To join the mailing list for a group, please click the email address and send us an email to subscribe.

  1. South Hobart Disaster Resilience Group – Email to subscribe or contact the convenors
    Communities which are well connected, and have done work to prepare themselves, are able to cope better and recover faster from disasters. We are drawing on the strengths of our community to develop local initiatives to build resilience across our community.

    Summary of community ideas from 'South Hobart Disaster Resilience workshops (2022)'

  2. South Hobart Regenerative Fire Group – Email to subscribe or contact the convenors
    Aims for the South Hobart community to be empowered to develop landscape vision(s) for fire and translate these to action, including developing local cultural burning practices by learning through doing, as well as from the experiences and knowledge of others.

  3. E-bike Bulk Buy – Email to subscribe or contact the convenors
    In 2021, we partnered with local eco retailer Teros, to offer our members a bulk buy of e-bikes. This resulted in 15 households purchasing a bike, ranging from commuter to cargo bikes. If you are interested in a future bulk buy of e-bikes (or other sustainability relevant items) please send us an email.

  4. Food Forest & Edible Streets – Email to subscribe or contact the convenors
    In partnership with SoHo Living Arts Centre, we're planting a food forest of fruit trees, berry bushes and perennial herbs. Our working bees bring together neighbours who have never met before, strengthening our community with friendships made through common purpose. Do join us for a working bee or just wander past and say hi to the trees.

  5. Making active transport safe and easy – Email to subscribe or contact the convenors
    We want our streets to be transformed into a space that people, of all ages, feel are safe, accessible and enjoyable to use without a car. By active transport we mean going to shops, work, school etc. by walking, cycling, scooting, triking, wheel-chairing etc. and we also include travelling by bus in our group. We believe that active transport is great for the environment, reducing congestion, mental and physical health and the bank balance.

  6. Planning for the suburb we want – Email to subscribe or contact the convenors
    The SHSC Planning Group was created with the aim of protecting and enhancing South Hobart’s unique qualities. This is being achieved by creating a community-driven submission to the independent Tasmanian Planning Commission with our vision for South Hobart, alongside a Specific Area Plan (SAP) that reflects the will of the local community.

  7. Waste minimisation – Email to subscribe or contact the convenors
    We are on a mission to highlight the areas in which our increasingly sustainable community still creates unnecessary waste, and in turn to learn how we can lessen our waste output, and to initiate these changes where possible.

South Hobart Bushcare groups

There are four active groups in South Hobart:

  • Hobart Rivulet (encouraging healthy habitat for our iconic platypus)
    Second Sunday of the month, 2 - 4.30 pm.

  • Jubilee Road (removing gorse and other weeds from bushland in upper South Hobart)
    Four times per year, contact Hannah via hannah_clark @ hotmail.com (use no spaces when typing in).

  • Trackcare (build and look after bushland tracks on kunanyi/Mount Wellington)
    Third Sunday of the month, 10 am - 3 pm.

  • Wellesley Park (bushland remnant of rare black peppermint forest)
    Third Sunday of the month, 10 am - 12.30 pm.

The City of Hobart Bushcare program requires volunteers to register, and is a great way to enhance the bushland values of our community, which harbours many nationally threatened fauna, such as the Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Grey Goshawk, Tasmanian Devils and Wedge-tailed Eagles.

To find out more visit Bushcare groups and where we work - City of Hobart .