Sharing skills 'n stuff

What is the South Hobart Skills 'n Stuff program?

We want you to share your skills (eg: hairdressing) and stuff (eg: lawnmower) with others in the community in return for the other person's skills or stuff (or money if this is not appropriate).

Why is Skills 'n Stuff a good idea?

By encouraging sharing in South Hobart, we hope to foster a sense of community and empower us through learning new skills.

See for more.

How does it work?

1. Register your details online, or call Millie on 0412 084 863

2. Browse the available Skills 'n Stuff below.

3. Email (or call) the person, and if a share is agreed upon, ask for their phone number, address and arrange a time to meet.

4. Agree on what you will share in return, or if that is not possible, pay an agreed sum of money (say, $5 for the lawnmower, and $20/hr for the hairdressing)

5. Contact us: for suggestions, problems and questions. We are open to trying other ways of doing things.

To make contact with a person, please email or call them. If none of these are available, please send an email to or call Millie on 0412 084 863.

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