How it all began

SoHo Community Garden - the story.

Garden Site-warming - June 2012

After three years of grant applications, community consultation and an Expression of Interest process, the first sods of the South Hobart Community Garden have finally been turned. The 'site-warming', held on Sunday 16 June, was the community's first opportunity to hear in detail how the land at 106 Cascade Road would be transformed from a grassy plot to a productive garden.

With approximately 80 people attending throughout the afternoon, it was an enthusiastic show of support for the community garden. The mulled wine and comestibles were appreciated by the crowd, particularly given the wintry weather. Accompanying the merriment was the musical trio, and a strawbale playpen which kept the littlies amused.

A number of people took the opportunity to sponsor a fruit tree (although there are still some left to sponsor, for those interested), and many also registered their interest in personal plots. The soaking rains also made for easy digging of the soil to plant the first fruit trees, which have all been fenced off to prevent the ravenous rabbits.

How it all began...

The SHSC has a strong history of supporting and working towards greater local and community food production. The development of a Community Garden within South Hobart is one of the local food concepts that is nearing fruition. This concept has been on the agenda of our community for many years.

The latest bid for a Community Garden site began in 2010 when funding for a Community Orchard was allocated by the South Hobart Carbon Reduction Fund. This led to discussions with HCC about the development of a community orchard on council land. In 2011 the concept arose of pairing a community garden and orchard together on one site. Throughout 2010-2011 SHSC undertook discussions with HCC and other community groups about the various options for the placement of a community garden within South Hobart. This process led to the conclusion that a parcel of land located at 106 Cascade Road was by far the most promising due to its central location, easy access, car parking, sunny aspect and support from other community organisations.

Upon considering the results of community consultation and the detailed community garden documentation provided, HCC announced their support for the development of a community garden at 106 Cascade Road on the 30/7/2012 . This is a fantastic outcome to what has been a lengthy process. We feel this outcome would not have been possible without the hard work of SHSC members and the community network of the SHSC.

In the coming months SHSC will be engaging in discussions with HCC on the details of the development of a community garden at 106 Cascade Road. Throughout this process we will be in close consultation with SHSC members, community organisations, and community members. It is our hope that this final stage of the development process will be a speedy one that leads to the development of a vibrant and abundant community garden at 106 Cascade Road.

Hobart City Council

Dr Edward Hall Environment Grant recipient