Public Art

Terra Ambulare (Earth Walk). Photo courtesy of Craig Opie HCC.

Terra Ambulare (Earth Walk)

Ann Holt

2012, acrylic paint on wood panels, 2.4 x 22.8 m

This project was started in 2008 by members of the South Hobart Sustainable Community Group. For South Hobart to be the best it can be, we thought it useful to reflect on our history and dreams for South Hobart’s future and represent this with an artwork. Community workshops and surveys were followed by an exhibition of the work of eight interested artists. Nearly 350 people voted in the first round, choosing two preferred artists. They produced drawings of their ideas, based on our reflections. The community voted again and chose Ann Holt’s design Terra Ambulare (Earth Walk). Ann’s design reflects the tastes, choices, dreams and thinking of the South Hobart community, as well as its history and physical place. Huge thanks to the many people and groups that gave guidance, support, resources and hard work on this fruitful four year journey.

Terra Ambulare (Earth Walk) refers to the changing history of occupation of a place, a reminder that ‘we are all just passing through’. The painting on floating wood panels depicts a panorama of the surrounding landscape from the backdrop of Mount Wellington to the vista of waterways in the north and east. Images of silhouetted figures refer to selected local history: the cascading mountain rivulet and the establishment of Australia’s oldest operating brewery, the Female Factory (1828-1856) and a visit by the Governor’s wife Lady Jane Franklin instigating the folklore tale of the flashmob protest; Charles Darwin visiting the area in 1836 and noting that the vegetation was ‘very luxuriant’; the 1967 bushfires that engulfed the area followed by replanting and renewal. Reference is also made to the South Hobart Soccer Team - the oldest association football club in Tasmania. The vision of contemporary life in South Hobart is one of harmony and community with aspirations for a clean and green future. The South Hobart Sustainable Community Group and the Artist acknowledge Tasmanian Aborigines as the traditional owners of the land on which this building stands and the artwork is placed.

This project was initiated by the South Hobart Sustainable Community Group

Artist: Ann Holt

Project Coordinator: Andrew Doube

Project partners: Tasmanian Community Fund, Hobart City Council, Dulux.

Sponsors: South Hobart Progress Association, Southern Tasmanian Badminton Association, Steeline, Tascaf, Sustainable Living Tasmania, C3 church, Plants of Tasmania, Clennetts Mitre 10, Winning Post Productions, The Paint Shop and Fragments.

The photo above shows the launch of the Artwork in Feb 2013. Photo courtesy of Craig Opie HCC.

The photo above shows Ann painting the work in her Studio on Bruny Island.

The photo above show the original concept drawing that the South Hobart Community chose. The Mouheneener tribe words for Earth, Sea, Sky and Mt Wellington were incorporated into this concept drawing. This was intended to represent the Aboriginal people in their role as the traditional and continuing inhabitants of this area, without representing them in culturally inappropriate ways, for instance the depiction of a deceased person. Sadly we were not successful in gaining permission from the Aboriginal community to incorporate these elements.

Thanks to our Public Art Project Partners and Sponsors: