Congratulations South Hobart on such massive interest in the photovoltaic bulk purchase!!!

It is important that energy conservation measures are taken along side the purchase of PV panels, to get the most environmental benefit from your investment.

The Low Carbon Diet program is a tool to help you reduce your carbon emissions, in all areas of your life.

It was developed by the Empowerment Institute (USA), and adapted to the Australian situation by the Queensland State Government. It has a track record of successfully and significantly reducing people’s carbon footprints.

The Low Carbon Diet program challenges you to reduce your carbon emissions by at least 2000kg per year. To put that in perspective, if your power usage remains the same, a 1kw PV system in Hobart will reduce your footprint by just less than 1400kg per year. In this light you can see that the Low Carbon Diet a very worthwhile use of your precious time.

The Low Carbon Diet Process

Step one: Join a team of friends, neighbours or fellow SHSCGers who also want to further reduce their carbon emissions, to support each other in achieving this.

Step two: Embark with your team, and a facilitator, on the series of 4 meetings over a 30 day period, which guide you through the process of:

  • measuring your current carbon footprint,

  • deciding how much you want to reduce this by,

  • deciding how you will do it,

  • making the changes required to meet your goal. You can get help from your team with anything you find difficult, and offer help to other members of the team to achieve what is difficult for them,

  • and finally, celebrating your success.

The 30 day period is divided into 3 focuses:

  • simple effective changes to your everyday actions (e.g. using cold water for some washing loads, or using the dishwasher less).

  • examining the energy efficiency of your appliances. Replacing high energy use appliances will save $ in the long run.

  • Encouraging and helping others to reduce their carbon footprint. Learning to share your knowledge and experience and engaging the 'multiplier effect' to really make bigger changes in carbon emissions.

If you are interested in taking part in this program please call Andrew Doube (0429 015 371), or e-mail your name, number and street name (for grouping) to adoube [at] southhobart.org

Depending on demand, we may also need more people to facilitate this process for others, so if facilitating it sounds like your thing, make contact.

If you are interested in being part in this project please call / email Andrew Doube

0429 015 371