Key achievements of the South Hobart Sustainable Community group

1. Enabled over 100 South Hobart households to install rooftop solar panels through Tasmania’s first solar bulk buy

2. Instigated Australia’s first electric vehicle bulk buy

3. Enabled over 100 households to install solar or heat pump hot water through Tasmania’s first solar bulk buy

4. Established a thriving Community Garden (25 members) and Growers’ Gatherings that run each month, for past 12 years.

5. Hosted numerous community building events including workshops, Hobart Rivulet water health research, mural painting, Pancakes in the Park, Autumn Harvest Fair and Lantern Parade.

6. Hobart Rivulet condition monitoring - water sampling to establish baseline water quality at five sites

7. Advocacy for policy and planning changes at Commonwealth, State and local government levels, with 17 submissions on issues ranging from National Climate Action Bills, State Waste Management plan, and local issues such as Transport Strategies, Rivulet master planning, pedestrian improvements to Macquarie Street, and potential use of Cascade-owned land.

8. Membership of the Good Neighbour Agreement working group with City of Hobart for McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre, leading to systemic improvements in reducing waste to landfill.